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Viking Magic

Locked by Jim Kleefeld

Locked by Jim Kleefeld

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The ultimate examination of the Seven Keys to Baldpate plot and the use of locks in mentalism and magic. Locked is 360 pages of tricks, routines, explanations, research and history of lock effects. It contains details of 116 lock products, descriptions of 107 published lock routines, explanations of 26 gaffed and gimmicked lock methods, 62 original never-before-published routines, 120 photographs of lock items, and 85 original illustrations, including fully detailed drawings of gaffed lock mechanisms.

Locked was compiled and written by Jim Kleefeld, with a little help from friends like Paul Daniels, Max Maven, Richard Osterlind, Ray Carlisle, John Archer, Danny Archer, Ken Dyne, Dan Harlan, Stephen Minch, Wayne Dobson, Mark Strivings, Tim Ellis, Mick Hanzlik, Chris Manos and more. Locked is fully illustrated in hardcover with a laminated full-color dust jacket.

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