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Larry Jennings Close Up Parts 1 & 2-DVD

Larry Jennings Close Up Parts 1 & 2-DVD

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Larry was a disciple of Dai Vernon, the Professor said, Larry is among the half dozen top close-up magicians in the world. He not only improves effects but also is excellent in routining effects!

We have compiled rare footage of some of Larrys finest effects. We have included a total of eight effects and routines (with explanations) as well as extra instruction in sleights and techniques. You will love being fooled, no matter how long youve been in magic!

These were compiled from two obscure videos produced by Pierre Mayer from Paris, France, while Larry was staying there. These were re-edited digitally for your pleasure.

This DVD includesLarrys famous One Cup & Ball Routine (ungimmicked cup), plus...EZ Coins Across, Synchronicity, Maestros Poker Demonstration, Coin Cut, Prefiguration, 3 Coins Thru Table, Impossible and Larrys special techniques and sleights.
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