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Ken Krenzel’s Ingenuities

Ken Krenzel’s Ingenuities

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Dr. Ken Krenzel has been a respected innovator in the field of card magic for over forty years. During that time he has released a select body of material to his fellow magicians. This material includes two meaty volumes of original ideas, the contents of which have featured tools that have become standards in the expert card manipulator's arsenal. Now after seven years of inventing, thinking and refining, the result is KEN KRENZEL'S INGENUITIES, a book crammed with fresh tricks, sleights and routines for the close-up magician.

Long recognized as a leader in the realm of sleight-of-hand with cards, there is abundant evidence in these pages that Krenzel has not lost his touch. As well, INGENUITIES brings to light another side of Krenzel's creative forces: astonishing effects in which the cards and coins are out of the magician's hands when the magic occurs - sleightless or near sleightless tricks designed to baffle the most discriminating audiences.

INGENUITIES contains thirty-four fresh items for the delectation of close-up magicians and their audiences. Amazing occurrences with cards, coins, and a pencil. Open these pages and enter a World of Magical Ingenuities!

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