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Illusionworks-4 by Rand Woodbury

Illusionworks-4 by Rand Woodbury

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  • This is a NEW book of original illusion concepts from Rand Woodbury.
    This is the first new book of original illusions from Rand in 19 years. 34 illusions, 145 illustrations, 100 pages (less than $1.50 per new idea)
    Woodbury says, "I love this book. It blows every other book out of the water!"It follows the formula of my 1st book; just listing one new trick after another. There are smaller illusions ... so a magician can perform them with a single female assistant.

    There's also a platform vanish, a motorcycle vanish & reappearance and the appearing airplane. The trick 'Spiked Punch' is going to help lead the way to new standards in illusion designing. (That is saying a lot!)
    Twelve years of conceiving and planning went into these concepts and they are just so fresh, unusual and wonderful.
    If nothing else ... you will be inspired like never before. Enjoy!

    Pages: 100 - 8.5" x 11" - Softcover

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