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Himber Wallet by Johnson Products

Himber Wallet by Johnson Products

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Over 30 years old and in mint condition with original instructions. 

Himber Wallet/Johnson Products: The Himber Wallet is one of the magic world’s most versatile props. It can be used in a variety of magical effects from predictions to card to wallet, to the famous “Polaroid Money” routine in which blank paper first turns to dollar bills, then to five dollar bills, then to tens, etc. The wallet is made from genuine leather, does not appear overly thick or bulky and comes with the book “21 Routines With A Himber Wallet” by Baker, describes many routines you can do with the wallet. “Polaroid Money” is just one of the routines described in the book. The Johnson model is very thin and lays flat which is so important. Top quality with original instructions.

From the Viking Magic Vault-TP

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