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Guinea Pig Box performed by Harry Anderson, made by Viking Mfg. Co. A great geek trick!


Lloyd-Viking; natural finish; Great geek effect! Made famous by Harry Anderson.

The performer states that he has a pet that is going to perform some daring feats of Magic. He introduces his Guinea Pig, Ralph.
Ralph is asked to jump through a hoop, which he fails to do...

Then he is asked to find a selected card, which he also fails at. The performer reminds Ralph that he has to pay his way or it's supper time for him. He is given one last chance, but alas, he fails miserably.

The performer then wraps the Guinea Pig in some tissue paper, pokes a hole in the tissue and tears out some fur which he eats. In fact, he begins to pluck fur at a rapid pace, seemingly destroying the poor little thing. The paper is torn to shreds and no sign of the pig!

"Hey, it's a trick!" retorts the performer when he is greeted with jeers from the audience.

  • This is a great vanish, with built-in comedy. No harm ever comes to the animal.

  • *Can be used with either a Gerbil, Guinea Pig or even a dove.

  • Cage does all the work for you.

  • No body loads, etc.

  • Cage made of select Cherry wood with brass bars.

  • Our new unit has been improved with a new and larger front door to the cage, rather than the small one originally used. Highly recommended.

*NOTE: This is a custom made larger box to be used with an animal larger than a Guinea Pig. Something like a dwarf rabbit.