Ghost Glass-Spirit Glass, Single image-1 side

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Ghost Glass-Spirit Glass, Ghost Glass, Spirit Glass


Shades of espionage. An interesting history fact behind this incredible effect actually goes back to the second world war when it was used by spies to leave messages on glass surfaces. It finds its origin in the late 1800's though.

A round glass disk is used to foretell the future. A playing card is selected from a deck of cards. The spectator thinks of the card and then breathes onto the crystal. The image of the selected card appears on the surface of the glass!, then it slowly fades.

Nothing is visible on the glass, yet the eerie specter can appear at will. Can be repeated with another card.

Glass disk measures 2 1/4 in. x 1/4 in. Comes in protective vinyl case complete with a variety of effects and presentations.

Three versions are available; See below. Please specify under options.

  • Double Sided Glass Disk: This disk has a hidden image on both sides.
  • Single Sided: This disk has a hidden image on one side only. The other side is blank.
  • Reversed Image: This disk is primarily used in the palm of the hand, with the vapor method, that will allow the image to appear facing the correct way without turning the glass over. These are produced with an image on both sides.

NOTES: The image depicted in this advertisement is simulated. What actually appears is similar to when you write on the shower mirror with your finger when the glass is steamed up. It is very hard to photograph the real image as it washes out. The image is very clear though when you use the effect. Images are OUR choice.

Custom images available. There is a $35.00 set up and camera charge for custom images. Inquire.