Dove Pan Pedestal , Double Load Electric

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Deluxe Dove Pan Pedestal model with electric fire unit.


This is one of the prettiest Dove Pans we have received. Supplied to us by RO Magic of Germany.

Gleaming aluminum, 9" in diameter on a pedestal. This is a Double Load model so that you can make two productions from the same pan.

BUT, it doesn't stop there. This is an electric ignition pan!

Drop a piece of flash paper into the pan and it will ignite instantly at your command. Simply press the hidden button.

This makes a truly remarkable presentation. The pan ignites under your control, seemingly by Magic and when the lid is applied to snuff out the flames, you produce a beautiful white dove (or any other production item). This is a DOUBLE-LOAD pan so you can immediately make a second production.

Note the thin profile look, sleek and elegant. Nice size to produce 2 doves, bouquet of spring flowers; pop open dice, silks, etc.

Use as a single production or double.

Top quality and reasonably priced considering the electric flash unit built in. Use your own production items and flash paper.

Note: any unusual lines or reflections in the photos are due to the reflection of the highly polished surface. The aluminum has a mirror-like finish.