Dart Board Prediction

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A new and novel prediction that even the pros will find hard to explain.


A beautiful, well made portable dartboard is displayed along with a set of magnetic darts. The performer states that he has the ability to look into the future but only what may take place in the next few minutes.

A volunteer is asked to throw two darts at the beard. The score is added; let's assume the total is 17. The performer asks the spectator to remove cards from a tabled box. She is to count down to the 17th. card and show it. All the faces of the cards are visible during the count and all are different. The 17th card is the 6 of spades. The performer now asks the spectator to turn over the box. She finds a small slip of paper trapped between the box and the cello wrapper. This is removed and it proves to the a prediction of the freely selected card!

Things to remember:

  • The dart board is ungimmicked.

  • The darts are ungimmicked.

  • All the faces of the cards in the deck can be seen when dealt.

  • Performer does NOT touch the cards.

  • The score is not forced.

You receive a beautiful heavy grade cloth dartboard with magnetic properties and darts designed for this effect along with a deck of Bicycle poker cards and detailed instructions.