Cups and Balls by R.O. Magic

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brilliant brass Cups and Balls.


I know what you are saying, another cups and balls set! Yes, there are many sets available because performers like variety, but there has to be a limit. That is why we do not offer a dozen different types of cups and balls. We are very selective regarding quality and price. Quality is our number one priority above all else.

R.O. Magic has provided us with a breautiful brass Cups and Balls set that you will be proud to own. This is a limited production so we don't know how long R.O. will be supplying them, but we have inventory right now.

The cups measure: 3" tall x 3" wide at the mouth x 2 3/4" across the top. Spun from solid brass sheet. Each cup weighs 4 3/8oz.

You are supplied with the three gleaming brass cups, 4 knit balls and a black velvet carrying bag. No instructions.