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Our fake Cupcakes are very realistic; can be produced as loads for cups and balls, chop cup, etc.



We are offering two sizes of Cup Cake loads. These make great loads for Cups and Balls, Chop Cups, or simply as production items.

They do not compress and are solidly formed cup cakes, that look real and ready to eat.

We have two sizes so make sure you check your Cup size before ordering. Measure twice to be sure. The smaller Cup Cakes will easily fit most Chop Cups and Cups and Balls of standard size (not mini or smaller cups).

  • The larger Cup cake will NOT fit our wooden Chop Cup, so make sure you measure to get the right size.

  • Large Cup Cake measures: 2 11/16" tall x 2 1/2" wide.

  • Mini Cup Cakes sold in packs of 3 pieces.