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VH Nest Of Boxes-used

VH Nest Of Boxes-used

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This is a USED set in excellent condition. Consigned sale.

VH Nest is a wonderful production effect where a spectators watch is found in the innermost box of a nest of three boxes.

Viking Himber 3-Box Nest of Boxes-No Assistant Needed!

I don't usually say things like the following, unless I really think I can back it up: "I have been making and selling Nest of Box effects for over 40 years, but our VH-Himber Nest is hands-down, the best version I have ever seen that allows the performer to load the inner box right in front of the audience, while the box(es) are in full view. Yes, there are others that you can load in 'real time' but they have to be hidden out of sight and then brought into view. Others have multiple boxes, five-six and some even more, but theatrically, the #3 works best; three boxes allow for mystery and Magic. More than that and it becomes tedious to today's audiences. The quality goes without saying, it's typical Viking/CW quality. The loading is almost instant; the set-up for your next show takes but two minutes. The detailed instructions give you everything you need to present this fabulous effect. I have never been more proud of an effect I have made. I know you will be proud to present it. There simply is no need for another type of Nesting Boxes effect once you have our version, unless you are a collector of such things. Buy this once and buy the very best." ................ Respectfully, George Robinson Jr., VMCW, LLC

This Nest of Box set could sell for twice what we are asking, but Viking/CW is known for it's top quality and reasonable prices. This is a bargain!; Joe Stevens, Stevens Magic Emporium.

Scotty York once told me that he asked a builder what he would charge to build a duplicate of my boxes; his reply: "That's real craftsmanship, at least $1000.00".(in 2001 dollars).

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