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Warehouse find: Delben Coin Penetration. Original.

WAREHOUSE FIND: We found a few Delben Coin Penetration Boxes dated 1974 from the Delben Co. (Ben Stone). You receive the Coin Box, playing card, special gimmick and complete instructions to perform this wonderful close-up effect. Ben made a sensation with this little penetration and sadly, it has been copied without giving him credit.

We have retyped the instructions because, due to age and the silver fish, the original instructions are too brittle and eaten to be of much use, but you do get a copy of the original inst. along with a retyped copy.

Supplied complete, ready to perform (use your own coins).

Effect: A clear box is displayed along with a black top. The top is placed on the box to seal it and a quarter and nickel are placed on top of the box. The spectator makes a selection and one coin is seen to visibly penetrate the lid, passing through to the sealed interior. Very visual and easy. Great close- up magic.

Limited to 24 pieces found in storage. Once they are sold, we will not have more. These are the original Delben units.