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Clever and Pleasant Inventions-Prevost

Clever and Pleasant Inventions-Prevost

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Clever and Pleasant Inventions is the first known book dedicated entirely to conjuring, apparently in any language. Although it was published in France the same year as Scot's Discoverie of Witchcraft appeared in England, Scot was primarily concerned with debunking rampant claims of witchcraft; conjuring was an aside, a supporting scrap of evidence.

Yet while Scot's Discoverie has been produced in countless editions, including most recently by Kaufman and Company, precious few magicians of any era since have had the opportunity to read Prevost's important work; we are informed in footnote that "fewer than six copies have been located as of this writing," and other than a facsimile privately issued in 1987, there have, remarkably, been no other reprintings or translations into other languages.

Hermetic Press, along with professional translator Sharon King, have done the community of magic a superlative service in providing this exquisitely thought out and gracefully produced edition. Mint edition.

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