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Cleopatra’s Jewelry Box

Cleopatra’s Jewelry Box

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This is a re-creation of an effect by J. F. Orrin and is one of a limited edition made by the same craftsman who replicated many of the Okito effects for Dr. Robert Albo’s classic books/videos. 

The effect involves a small, beautiful wood cabinet approximately 8” x 8” x 3” finished with Egyptian themed decals, along with a brass rod and four different color bracelets to complement the finish.  The performer displays the cabinet with the front door open to show four different colored rings hanging on a brass rod.  The rod is removed, and the rings are given to the spectators to examine.  The rod is placed back in the cabinet and the bracelets are placed on top of the cabinet.  The front door remains open, as the spectator selects one of the colored bracelets (no force). 

The performer removes the bracelets one at a time from the top of the cabinet and places them into a velvet bag which is given to the spectator to hold.  The front door of the cabinet is closed, and the cabinet now shown front and back.  With no false moves, the brass rod is slid from the cabinet and used to tap the bag before placing it back in the cabinet.  The spectator is told to now open the bag and finds the chosen color bracelet is missing.  Upon opening the door of the cabinet that has been on display the entire time, the chosen colored ring is found once again hanging on the rod. 

Keep in mind that:  No duplicate rings are used; the interior of the cabinet is visible as the rings are placed into the bag; very easy to perform thanks to the clever design of the cabinet. 

Complete with beautiful cabinet, four different colored bracelets, drawstring bag and photocopies of the original Orrin instructions and catalog ad.  Looks great for display and performance.

From the Viking Magic Vault. One only. Limited production.

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