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Viking Magic

Ch Ang's Dowry Visible Penetration

Ch Ang's Dowry Visible Penetration

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A wooden block is imprisoned in a wooden tube yet it comes free at the magicians command,



Unlike any other block penetration. VISIBLE. Everyone that sees this is completely baffled.

A beautiful walnut cabinet with black lacquer accents and brass trim, along with a red lacquered block, and tasseled spike complete this elegant visual penetration.

The patter line suggests a challenge issued to the loyal subjects of Emperor Ch'Ang. The object was to remove the sacred block from within the small temple without removing the retaining rod/spike or touching the block! Those who failed would be sentenced to death!

All the challengers failed and lost their heads, save one lowly magician who was adept at ancient magical secrets.
As he recites a magical formula, the sacred block visibly penetrates the rod and falls clear of the cabinet falling into the performers hand.

The block, rod, and cabinet can be minutely examined and no clue will be found to this most baffling illusionette.

Cabinet measures 4 3 /4 in. high, 2 1/4 in. square. The block is made of solid wood measuring 2 5/8 in. square. The rod is adorned with a brass knob and a gold tassel. Complete with exciting patter and instructions.

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