Ball Thru Hand - import model

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This is an import model. We confiscated this illegal shipment since the maker did not have our permission to make. Being sold as 'seconds' because of the finish; not as polished as our original units. 

Effect:The performer displays a solid brass plunger and a solid steel ball. The ball is dropped into a brass cup, which is resting atop the back of the performer's hand. The plunger is used to press the ball 'flat'...or so they think. The plunger is removed and the ball has vanished!, only to appear moments later as it falls through the performer's hand!

This may read simple but the effect on your audience is staggering. This is just an impossible feat!

Viking retains all manufacturing rights to this item. Please note that this is an unauthorized copy and is being sold as is. It does work but is not of our manufacture as noted above.

Comes complete with brass plunger, cup, steel ball bearing and detailed instructions. Resets in 30 seconds.