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Auto Silk Hank To Ball

Auto Silk Hank To Ball

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Auto Silk to Ball-Two versions:

Mechanical and Electronic.

Electronic: Auto Silk Hank To Ball has been a favorite visual effect sought after by many performers. This new electronic version is slick and silent.  Simply push the button and in a silent instant the silk hank changes into a ball.

This is a high-tech quality product. Charges via USB cable in minutes and holds a charge for several performances.

The silk hank attaches magnetically to the reel so there is no fiddling and no Velcro to snag your silk hank. This comes highly recommended by us. Limited quantities available.

The ball is covered in a soft rubber material which protects the workings and also makes it easier to palm. Comes complete with diagonal cut silk and detailed instructions plus USB cable.

Mechanical: The mechanical Auto Silk Ball performs like the electronic version only not as smooth. You can control the 'smoothness' by using your fingers to apply a slight pressure to the silk hank as it rolls up into the ball. You wind up the internal spring, press the button and the silk hank can instantly retract into the ball or you can control the speed with the pressure of your fingers. Our new mechanical ball also has the magnetic silk attachment, includes the silk hank, ball and detailed instructions.

Both balls are available in White or Red.

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