Coin Ladder Ultimate

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A beautiful Coin Ladder for producing dozens of coins. The finest coin ladder ever made.


"We believe this to be the loveliest Coin Ladder ever. Hand crafted, sculpted wood mixes with a blend of brass, stainless steel and glass to produce an eye-catching and dazzling spectacle.

As coins are produced, they are dropped into the top of the ladder and cascade down to an awaiting crystal goblet. But the physical beauty of the
prop in no way surpasses the effect itself.

Picture this: The magician plucks coin after coin from the air, dropping them into the stand and watching them cascade to the bottom. Indeed,
performer throws coins invisibly from a distance: STILL, the coins appear,automatically cascading into the glass.

But after the production of an appropriate number of coins, there are no more forthcoming. Puzzled, he reaches into his pockets, finding to his
dismay, that they too are empty. Turning toward the Ladder, the performer snaps his fingers, and a single coin travels upward from the crystal glass,
retracing, its circuitous route through the Ladder and visibly shooting high into the air! The performer grabs the coin, pockets it with a grateful smile and bows to the thunderous applause."

This is one of those diabolical pieces from the mind of Collectors' Workshop Magineers that you just have to smile about while you watch it work. It's that clever.

Custom case available, inquire. $525.00 hard case-foam lined. Wheels and handle. Deluxe Pelican case.

Plus shipping.