Notes about our Bill Tube

Notes about our Bill Tube

Our Bill Tube is designed off of the original Brema Bill Tube but made a little larger. Our Bill Tube is coated with a permanent sealer which prevents oxidation.

We have made two styles in the past, one with a threaded top and a threaded pin and the more recent with a threaded top and a pin with a lock. We have chosen to thread the top to make the effect more impossible in the minds of the spectator. They know that it is impossible to thread the lid on in the short time allowed in the presentation. 

We have been alerted to the fact that some of our tubes make a rasping noise when you push the gimmick home. We apologize for this, but there is an easy fix. Simply polish the inner tube with a bit of Brasso or use candle wax on the inner tube. Should you not have any luck doing that, please feel free to return the tube and we will take care of the problem. This problem is isolated and does not occur with all our Bill Tubes, just a few that got past us.

Viking Bill Tubes are the top of the line and as are all our products guaranteed against defects. Should you have a problem with any of our items, contact us immediately and we will take care of the problem.

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