Weisenheimer Coin

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A fun effect from the past.


This trick, uses a ring and a piece of paper was advertised in Stanyon's Magic, Vol. 7 No. 8, May 1907, p. 63, under the title of “The Mysterious Box, Ring and Vanishing Coin”. A small box with a lid was used for covering the coin and ring for the vanish and reproduction.

Later the effect was slightly modified and renamed The Weisenheimer Coin Trick. It was a staple in many early magic sets but seemed to loose favor over the years for more grandiose effects. P&L put out a version in their early years as has SS Adams and other companies.

Sometimes the simplest effects are the real head-scratchers and this seems to be one of those. I came across one that I used over 50 years ago and presented it to a few friends and guess what; it fooled the heck out of them. So Viking has made a small run of these using a polished brass ring and a square of paper, all nicely packed in a white box, ready to perform right out of the box. All you need are a couple of coins, a penny and a dime and you are in business.

A coin is placed on the red square. The brass ring is covered by the black square and placed over the coin. You snap your fingers and lift the black square and the coin has vanished. Reverse the process and the coin returns. You can cause a coin to vanish, appear or change, etc.

Supplied with detailed instructions.

Don't let the fact that this is a simple effect fool you; it is strong magic.  Treat yourself to a trip down memory lane, if you had one of these when you were a kid. You'll laugh to yourself every time you perform it.