Ring Grinder by Gem Mfg.

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A beautiful prop made by Master Builder John Pomeroy. Borrow a ring and drop it into the 'cleaning machine';. Something goes wrong as you grind away which results in the ring being destroyed. Gold parts are dumped out....Oh, no!

But everything is set right when the unharmed watch is produced. This is an accessory prop that you would use with a Nest of Boxes or some other production prop.

John made these beauties to last. Loud ratchet sound as you turn the handle. Setting dial on the front. Great comedy interlude. No harm to the borrowed watch.

These are getting very hard to find. No longer made. ONE ONLY. With original instructions. Mint-never used. Ca. 1990's. 

Two sizes were made. This is the smaller ring version.

7" x 5" x 2 5/8"