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Time Odyssey-CW

Time Odyssey-CW

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This is a classic Collectors' Workshop original creation. One of our most sought-after effects.


While this unit may be considered used, it is in mint condition, only used three times and carefully  packed and cared for. It has been tested by our team and is guaranteed for one year against mechanical failure. 

Effect: A brass alarm clock is removed from a “shepherd’s crook” stand on a table and placed inside a tube on another table. The performer indicates the clock will vanish. The performer places the clock in a tube and steps forward to perform the vanish. At this point, however, the drape on the table falls away and it is apparent to all that the clock has been secured in a net under the table. And, the clock is ringing! Embarrassed, the performer turns around and shoots a gun (or waves his hand) toward the clock. Immediately, the clock stops ringing, the net drops and clock has vanished.

Satisfied, the performer turns to face the audience. Moments, thereafter, however, the alarm bell rings again. The performer gestures over toward the first table, at which point the “Japanese Lantern” drape drops, the clock has returned to its original position.

  • Startling Vanish and Reappearance of a real Alarm Clock
  • Incredibly reliable remote control
  • Hilarious Situation Comedy built into the Routine
  • Easy to perform and easy to set up
  • Intriguing Props and Sounds
  • Packs neatly into a custom ATA case for storage
  • If we were to make this today at todays prices, this would sell for $3600.00

NOTE: Shipping charges will be adjusted before finalizing sale due to size and weight of the carton.

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