The Genius of Robert Harbin

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The name Robert Harbin towers over the magic world during the last half of the 20th century. He is known most widely for the Zig-Zag Girl but also created in incredible number of cabaret and close-up effects. Here are 66 of Harbin's most astonishing tricks including a number of previously unpublished illusions. Included is the story of his famous Zig-Zag Girl and the many preliminary ideas that contributed to its creation. You will find mental magic, club and cabaret tricks, escapes and close-up effects. The explanations are enhanced with 180 detailed, line-drawings by Eric Lewis. Integrated throughout the book is a personalized biography of Harbin as seen through the eyes of his close friend and confidant, Eric Lewis.
Additional material was supplied by Robert and Elaine Lund, John Fisher and Alan Shaxon.