Psychic Sword-plus

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Psychic Sword; a masterful card prediction.


A strong, mystifying and effective bit of mentalism combined with a wonderfully crafted piece of apparatus.

The performer displays a deck of cards and spreads it ribbon-style on the table.

Opening a beautifully-crafted wooden box with brass fittings, the performer removes a small, but elegant Samurai Sword. As he does so, it is noted that an envelope rests inside the sword box. Offering the sword to the spectator, the performer asks the spectator to point to a card and push it from the pack (or stab it). "You might have made other selections", says the performer, turning over cards at random, "but you chose the card on the sword that you've stabbed."

"At this moment, no one in the world knows its identity, and for the moment, we will keep it that way. Before we arrived here tonight, I placed a single card in this envelope, and placed the envelope in the sword box. It's time to reveal my selection."

The envelope is opened and the card displayed. Then, for the first time, the stabbed card is revealed. Incredibly, they MATCH!.

The sheer beauty of the props will add mystery and class to your act. The effect will add MAGIC! Comes complete with deluxe sword box, sword,cards, envelopes, and complete instructions ready to perform.

NOTE: Our uniquely designed walnut box can be used for other prediction effects as well as spirit writing, bill switches, and other card effects. Our Psychic Sword Box is designed with a controllable release so that YOU control the hidden flap which can be released at YOUR command.

PLUS!!! Thanks to Andy Martin, we have added a special feature NOT found in most card boxes; we have combined the slot idea used in our Chameleon Chest to make our Psychic Sword Box a very unique and special card box.

Imagine showing the box empty, wrapping it with rubber bands and handing it to a spectator to hold. You now make a prediction. Three or four cards are FREELY selected by a spectator and slipped into the sealed box via the slot.

Your prediction is read and when the box is opened, the cards inserted by the spectator MATCH YOUR PREDICTION!

Additional routine by Arthur Carter: The Chest of Koran. This routine has now been added as an extra bonus.

This is only one idea that the new slot will allow you to perform. Other routines have been included. This addition makes this the best and finest card box on the market.