Perfect Clock-updated

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Perfect Clock, Collectors' Workshop has produced one of the finest prediction clocks on the market. You can now predict the time selected by any audience member.


Perfect Clock-updated.

The Collectors' Workshop clocks and watches have become classics, used by leading performers the world-over. The Perfect Clock uses a beautiful, normal-looking brass double-bell Westclox alarm clock.

EFFECT: The performer shows a double-bell alarm clock. He shows the face of the clock and then begins to spin the hands of the clock showing various times. Next, he turns the face of the clock away from the audience and tells them that he will now set the time to an unknown hour. He sets the clock down and walks away from it.

He now asks for the help of two volunteers who will try to 'read the performers mind'. " How many of you have had a psychic event happen in your life, possibly knowing something was about to take place before it happened? I think many of us have experienced this phenomenon. Raise your hands. Thank you; you sir and you miss, please stand where you are. I will endeavor to send thought waves to you in the form of numbers. I would then ask you to reveal the numbers you receive. Let's see how close we can get to the time I have set on this clock."

The performer mentally transmits the time he is thinking to each individual, one receives the hour and the other the minutes. They are asked to reveal the numbers that popped into their mind. The hour and minutes are written down, and one of the spectators is asked to pick up the clock and show its face to the audience.... The time MATCHES 100% their prediction!

This is by far the best improvement CW has come up with on this effect. Completely under your control. Any time hour/minute can be predicted, no force of any kind. Can be repeated immediately. Performer does not have to make contact with the clock.

This is a real Westclox brass bodied two-alarm clock. Measures 6 3/4" x 4 1/2" x 2 1/8" Supplied with detailed instructions. INSTANT RESET. The features on this clock closely resemble that of our Perfect Time wrist watch.