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Palamedes Revelation by Damir Djanis

Palamedes Revelation by Damir Djanis

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This is our first offering in the Limited-Edition Damir Collection. Limited to 24 pieces.

Palamedes Revelation uses a unique and completely original method of predicting the free selection of a number by the spectator. When we tell you the method used is 100% new and original, we mean it. Damir's unconventional thinking is quite evident here.

The box contains a very clever mechanism that will allow any one of the six numbers to be produced and the effect can be immediately repeated without set-up. The number die can be replaced with a standard die of the same size.

The spectator merely names a number and the prediction die instantly matches his choice.

Palamedes Revelation is crafted from indigenous maple, 30 year old mulberry and accents of walnut.

Supplied in a velvet pouch with detailed instructions and a Certificate of Authenticity.

2nd in the Damir Collection: Tablet of Knowledge Click here

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