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Viking Magic

Okito Box - solid

Okito Box - solid

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The solid Okito Box is used as a comedy interlude.


Viking's Okito Box series coin boxes are considered the finest boxes produced since their invention.

Our Okito Solid Box is an incredible addition to your coin box routine. As a finale, you place the lid on the box that you are using. Then you notice that you forgot to replace the coins inside and ask the spectator to do it for you. You note that your time is almost up and you would like to perform one last coin miracle for them. They remove the lid and find that the 'hole has healed itself!' "Oh, I'm sorry, it does that when I run out of time." They are left staring at a solid chunk of brass! There is no way you or anyone is going to place a coin inside what is now a paperweight. This is a killer ending to your Okito Box routine and needs to be performed to be appreciated. The look on the spectator's faces is priceless..

This is a great addition to your Okito routines and used in combination equals a real mind-blowing experience.

Each box in the series comes with complete instructions. Made in the finest Viking tradition of gleaming lathe-turned brass to exacting specifications. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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