Nu Way Production Box Max Suko

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Nu Way Production Box, Nu Way Box, NuWay Box


Truth: A child of 7 could do this, yet a genius won't figure it out! Max Suko's Nu Way Production/Transpo Box.

This great box can be used to find a borrowed object or for a Prediction! Full instructions included.

Max Suko is a classic performer who has a keen mind when it comes to tweaking standard effects. His Nu Way Watch Box is an excellent example of out-of-the-box thinking!

Study the photo of this neat effect. There are no secret openings, no trap doors, no magnets, nothing that will lead a spectator onto the clever secret. Nothing is added or taken away. Yet, a borrowed watch, ring, wallet, etc. can be vanished and somehow produced from within the LOCKED chest.

The chest lid is secured by a flat brass plate which is further locked by a small padlock. After the spectator's watch is vanished, the chest is brought forward and it is clearly seen that the chest is locked by virtue of the brass plate and lock.

The lock and brass plate are removed and the spectator is allowed to remove the lid only to find his missing item inside.

Clever new method. Chest made of select walnut hardwood, a plush velvet cushion lines the bottom of the chest; a brass locking plate and brass lock. Complete detailed instructions. Instant reset.

PREDICTION: Max Suko has just included his favorite Prediction effect used with this another bonus...George Robinson Jr. has included his own personal set of instructions for yet another great Prediction effect.

You will find many uses for this unique chest.

Box measures: 5 1/2" x 5 1/2' x 5 1/4" tall