Nu Way Bill Tube

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A Nu Way Bill Utility Tube.

Our Nu Way Utility Bill Tube is a slick new version of a Bill Tube that works on an entirely new method. No sliding insert.

The Nu Way Bill Tube can be minutely examined and even seasoned magicians will find it hard to discover the secret.

The NW Bill Tube is in your pocket or magic case. The performer borrows a bill which is marked by the spectator. The bill is caused to vanish. The performer removes a solid brass tube with a threaded lid which he hands to the spectator. It takes several moments to unscrew the lid where finally he discovers his signed bill.

The NW Bill Tube can be used as a 'utility' tube in that any object that will fit inside the tube can be made to vanish and appear inside the sealed tube. The lid can be secured with tape and yet it is still possible to find the vanished item inside.

Quality brass product distributed by viking Mfg.

Tube measure: 4 7/8" x 7/8"