Monkey's Paw

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A unique and limited item. A must for the Bizarrist.


The Monkey’s Paw consist of a custom crafted, fully detailed out, life size “Mummified Paw” that performs Magic like no other BUMA prop to date! The Monkeys Paw is a most utilitarian prop, designed to seemingly channel supernatural powers, to know the thoughts of audience members and in turn physically take hold of their lent objects, to later release them upon command as if from an unearthly power.

Performance Attributes:

    • Incorporate audience lent objects into any performance. (Playing Cards, Sharpie Pen’s, Paper currency, Candy, similar borrowed objects).
    • Perform standing, seated, with or without a table.
    • Instantly repeatable.
    • Examinable by audience members.
    • Perform during walk around as well as when table hopping.
    • Compact in size, fits in your pocket.
    • Check out the very bottom of this product page for other BUMA hand-cast products that fit the hard to find qualities of bizarre absolutely unique products.
    • The Monkey’s Paw measures approximately 4 1/4” tall by 2 1/2” wide by 1 3/4” at the wrist.
    • Each and every unit is hand -made to exacting standards by Buma himself. As with ALL Buma products these are made from scratch! This isn’t some pre-made prop that was adulterated or retrofitted – Not at ALL!  Check out supplemental historical photos that provide impressive credentials the House of Magic – Buma Sr., and now Buma Jr.
    • It incorporates a braided loop of black Kevlar cord threaded through its wrist with two glass beads threaded onto the black Kevlar cord.
    • The Monkey’s Paw includes Buma’s complete photographed step-by-step detailed instruction sheets.
    • Instructional video link supplied.
    • The following video is just a quick example of the handling possible.