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Money Maker-Unique by Vern Hartmann

Money Maker-Unique by Vern Hartmann

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A very nice and unusual Money Maker by Vern Hartmann of Cincinnati, Oh. The workmanship is first rate. Slip in a blank sheet of paper and out comes a real bill.

Select walnut and maple make this an outstanding example.

Sidenote: Back in the early 1900’s machines like these were used to dupe the innocent: This scam is based on a real-life con game called the "Rumanian Box" that was pulled off by conman "Count" Victor Lustig in the early 1900s. The scam involved selling a realistic looking "counterfeiting" machine to a greedy victim for a large sum of money. The scammers would feed a blank paper into the machine and create a counterfeit bill that the victim could check out at a bank and prove it to look just as good as real money. That’s because the counterfeit bill actually was real money that was hidden inside the machine. The "counterfeiting" part of the machine was fake. But once the victim figured that out, the swindlers would be long gone.

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