Mental Die

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Mentalism Die prediction.


An incredible mental effect that you can carry with you and perform any time, any where. A slightly over-sized white die with black spots is given for examination. The performer asks the spectator to select a side, to place this side face up on the table and to cover it with a coffee cup (or it can be hidden between both palms).  After a few seconds of concentration, the performer names the selected spots on the die.

The die may be shaken between the spectator's hands, then placed behind his back and without either the performer or the spectator knowing the spots showing on top of the die, the performer predicts the outcome.

The spectator is asked to think of three sides of the die, to add the spots together and to keep that number in mind. The performer writes some calculations on a sheet of paper and finally reveals the hidden total.

With this remarkable die, this and many more effect can be accomplished. The performer does not ask any questions; he does no have to see the die or handle it. The die is completely examinable. The slightly larger size makes this very visual so that everyone around a table can see the spots, etc.

You receive everything you need to accomplish this mental miracle including detailed instructions.  Manufactured by EMM Magic, supplied to us by R.O. Magic, Germany.

Die measures 7/8" square. Electronic receiver.