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Invisible Quarters Deck

Invisible Quarters Deck

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The spectator is asked to examine a clear glass. A deck of cards is fanned front and back, showing the cards to be a regular deck and then mixed. The magician then reaches in his pocket and acts as though he brought out two invisible quarters. "Have you ever seen invisible quarters?" "No." "There are two of them. You can only see them as they penetrate through this glass."

The magician takes the glass back and holding the deck of cards in the left hand, he places the glass on top of the cards with the mouth of the glass down on the center of the deck.

Magician picks up one of the invisible quarters. He smacks it on the top of the glass & it penetrates through the glass & lands on top of the deck! The quarter is slid off with the edge of the glass onto the table. The spectator is asked if he would like to see it again. He replaces the glass & repeats it a second time & they STILL can't figure it out!

Use your own glass and quarters. 

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