Magic Clock by Vienna Magic

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A great example of early Vienna Magic craftsmanship.


A very nice example of Vienna Magic's quality products from the past. The blonde wood case measures 3" x 3" x 1.5" with brass hardware and feet. When you open it you see a very attractive clock face with a single hand. A spectator is asked to set the hand on an hour that might be important to him or her and to close the box. The performer receives the box back and merely sets it on the table, now knowing the exact hour selected by the spectator.

The box is not opened, no remote control device, etc. just plain old-school technology that works like a dream. The Magic Clock is still in its original packing box with the original price of $590.00, a lot of money back in 1993.

I doubt that you will find another in this mint condition.

Maker.: Vienna Magic

Condition: Mint with original instructions.

Ca.: 1993

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