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Viking Magic

Loops by Fin Jon

Loops by Fin Jon

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Loops for incredible floating effects.


Invisible elastic bands produce incredible magic with detailed instructions.

These are the “larger” sized loops.  Many people are not familiar with them, yet Finn has made them for as long as he made the regular loops.  They allow for you to utilize this fantastic accessory in ways never possible with standard loops.  Often used for PK Touches in mentalism.  Comes with illustrated routines and instructions by James Hodges.

This is what everyone is talking about! The ultimate in thread and floating effects. With this thread you can float bills, bubbles and perform all normal floating effects. No set-up…No anchors…Nothing in the pocket…Always ready to go. Can be done instantly at any time and repeated over and over with no reset. Hand-crafted and created by Finn Jon. You receive four loops for a lower price than before! Fabulous for close-up and walk around performers. Thousands have been sold.

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