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Linking Ring Project

Linking Ring Project

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After years of development, David has devised a "set" of three rings that does EVERYTHING necessary to perform the trick with borrowed rings. These rings are gorgeous. You will buy them once, and use them forever. For some, just having two perfect-quality Himber rings (which come with the set) would be enough. But for us, the best part is David's routine.

He has designed the routine from the ground up, in which EVERY moment of the trick is performed slowly and under careful scrutiny. No noise, no weird handling, and no turning your back. You borrow three rings, link them, and visually unlink them one by one. The rings are immediately handed back. Watch the demo video. It looks that good when he does it, when we do it, and when you will do it. We give this a difficulty rating of 3 out of 10, so it's within the range of anyone comfortable with a finger palm. 

With this set you receive:

  • David's own version of the Himber Ring, designed from the ground up, that possesses a unique set of characteristics.
  • A duplicate gimmicked ring that is made in the traditional click-lock manner, for those who prefer this system.
  • A duplicate, un-gimmicked ring.
  • A detailed DVD of instructions, including a Magic Castle performance.
  • A set of precision made gimmicks with which to perform the astounding Koran ending of the effect.
  • A pencil.

So, this is not a single gimmick, but a set of custom-made utility gimmicks that give you all you need to perform a modern classic of magic: The Linking Finger Ring effect.

All is housed in a lovely jewelry box.

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