Lester Lake-type Chopper-deluxe

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Lester Lake-type Chopper-deluxe, Lester Lake, Lester Lake Chopper


Deluxe Viking/CW version. Limited production. This is a beautifully constructed unit with exquisite detail. The Viking/CW Lester Lake Chopper is slightly smaller than the Owen version, but the working is basically the same. Beautiful woodwork in a combination of bright lacquers and natural wood. The blade is polished aluminum, and extends out both sides of the unit.

The performer begins by placing a carrot in the hole reserved for the spectator's neck. The blade is pushed down and through, cutting the carrot in half.... Handy dandy vegimatic, king-size!

The performer then places his victim in the stocks and locks him in place. He places the blade assembly into the stock and with one smooth downward stroke pushes the blade completely through the neck of the hapless victim. The blade can be seen to extend out the sides and below the neck.

Reversing the procedure, the blade is pulled back up through the stocks and removed. The spectator is removed without any ill signs of the decapitation.

Comes with a protective case. A true work-horse for the traveling performer but a collectible in design.