Khartoum Ring Fantasy

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Khartoum Ring Fantasy represents one of Collectors' Workshop finest effects. A borrowed ring travels through the air onto a ribbon.


A most visual and baffling teleportation of a borrowed ring!

First of all, this prop is first class. A gleaming brass ring mounted atop a beautiful brass support. A large red ribbon tied into a bow adorns the top of the ring. All this serves to create a clean and impossible set of boundaries that will be momentarily pierced by the performer.

The performer draws attention to the brass ring and the ribbon tied to it. He explains how the brass ring is solid, without breaks and that the ribbon tied into a bow, also forms an unbroken loop, the sign of eternity.

The performer then borrows a wedding band, again, the symbol of unbroken love and eternity. He walks several feet from the brass stand as he wraps the borrowed ring in a small silk hank.

The performer comments on true love traveling across time and space and suddenly he tosses the wrapped ring high into the air. The silk hank flutters lightly to the floor and in the same instant, the performer gestures toward the ribbon on the stand and VISIBLY the borrowed ring appears threaded onto the tied bow! The performer unties the bow, releasing the ring back into the care of its owner.

This is no mere pipedream but a miraculous feat developed by the wizards at Collectors' Workshop. Not only is the ring seen but it is heard to appear at the precise moment commanded by the performer.

The working of this prop is truly ingenious. There are no awkward loads, no physical contact by the performer in order to make the ring appear. The same ring that is borrowed is the ring that appears.

This is an electronic, mind-blowing miracle. To see it performed is to want it! To perform it is a dream come true. Highly recommended.

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