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A visual eye-popping punched hole that travels from one end to the other; borrowed bill!

After being in development for over 8 years, Danny Weiser is finally ready to share his best kept secret... HYBRID.

HYBRID is the first of its kind to surface in the magic community. Imagine being able to borrow a dollar bill and have it signed by the spectator on both the front AND the back. Punch a hole in the bill and cause the hole to move across the face of the bill, with a flick, it jumps back again. The bill is then healed and handed back to the spectator unharmed! Did we mention there's no bill switch?... there's no bill switch.

Manufactured by Viking Mfg. for Danny Weiser.

[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="https://www.vikingmagic.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Hybrid.mp4"][/video]

    • Bill is borrowed and signed
    • No switches or duplicates
    • No refills needed
    • No threads
    • Each gimmick is hand built to last for THOUSANDS of performances
    • Gimmick comes fully built and ready to use
    • 2 second reset
3 routines taught
    • Pen Thru Bill Sequence
    • Hole Punched
    • Black Hole Sequence
"Danny Weiser is a creative machine! HYBRID has been his baby for many years and in that time, he has pushed its limits to the point of perfection. I was fooled when I saw it! Nice work Danny! I love this!"
- Chris Smith (MagicSmith)

"HYBRID ticks all the boxes for me. A fantastic effect using a super clever gimmick and a borrowed bill. What more could you ask for? I'm delighted that Danny is finally sharing this. You will be too!"
- Roddy McGhie (Creator of Little Door) 

"This has a penetration, a moving hole and it also has julienne fries. One of those is a lie, but that shouldn't stop you from performing it."
- Bizzaro

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