Gumball Machine

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A ring is vanished and found inside a plastic gumball.


The Gumball Machine is one of Collectors' Workshop's most unique and original offerings. The method of operation is unique to CW and does not work like most of the copies on the market. Our Gumball Machine is used by professionals the world over.

Effect: The performer borrows a ring from a spectator and wraps it in a silk hank which is given to the spectator to hold. "Believe it or not, the special fibers that make up that handkerchief will polish your ring to a bright gold tone and will even clean any stone on your ring." The performer then asks the spectator to verify that the ring has been cleaned but upon shaking out the hank it is found that the ring has vanished!

"I am very sorry, that must not have been real gold. The cleaning fibers must have dissolved your ring... but fear not, as I have a consolation price for you. In fact you get three chances to win a wonderful prize, equal in value to your ring."

The performer now draws attention to a Gumball Machine standing off to the side. The unit is brought center stage. The performer gives the spectator three quarters with which to try her luck. She deposits the first quarter and turns the crank. Out pops a plastic ball which contains a small tattoo. "Not quite the value of your ring, but you do have two more chances. Please try again."

The spectator inserts the second quarter and another plastic ball emerges. This time it is a gold plastic trinket. "We seem to be getting closer to the value of your ring... One last chance. Remember, you get to keep all three wonderful gifts, which in their entirety, must equal the value of your ring. Try your last coin...."

The spectator inserts her last quarter and another plastic ball comes out of the chute. This time however, she discovers her ring!

Our unit delivers the correct ball on the third quarter; the method is diabolical yet easy to perform. You are supplied with a heavy duty CW table base, table top and custom engineered Gumball Machine complete with detailed instructions and custom ATA case.