Gift of Time with case

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Gift of Time. The most elegant prediction effect ever created.


Limited Production, NOW available. Highly sought-after; used by professionals the world over.

The Granddad of time prediction effects.

The modes-operandi is entirely different; the effect startling and direct.

Effect: The performer shows a large gift-wrapped box standing alone on the stage (or in the audience, if you wish.) A spectator is invited to choose an hour - perhaps it is the hour he was born. In much the same manner, another spectator selects a minute.

"People speak of the Gift of Time", the performer explains, "but few recognize the enormous power of time or the impact of coincidence. On the occasion of my birth, my family was graced with a present from a wealthy uncle -- a magnificent clock, which I've wrapped and placed with you in the audience. By your free choice, you have selected 3:17 (any time may be used, there is no force). As extraordinary as it may seem, that's the precise time I was born, and I set that time on the clock to record that fact. I would appreciate it if someone would unwrap the clock and show the audience. THE TIMES MATCH!

O.K. - it's a killer effect. But to be truly appreciated, this is one of those wonderful items that simply must be explained, at least to this extent. This triumph of 21st century technology is a ONE-PERSON EFFECT.

Setting is instantaneous and infallible. You never touch the clock once it is in the audience. There is no forcing of ANY KIND. Any combination of hours and minutes can be used.

The clock is hand-made of select hardwoods with a rich antique finish. A treasured heirloom, to be sure. Comes complete with detailed instructions. Custom travel case included.

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