Gift Box by Shawn Lee

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From time to time we receive samples from jobbers. We do not stock every item sent to us and will sell the samples at a discount. This is such an item. ONE ONLY.

First, let the audience pick a leaf, then put the leaf in the box. The audience is very confused and looks forward to what is going to happen. Snap your fingers and the leaf becomes a banknote, yes, real banknote! Can be immediately handed over to the audience for inspection.

Of course, you can choose other small items, such as a ring, candy or coins according to personal preferences.


- The box is exquisite, easy to carry, elegant and fashionable. We have the red box only.

- Simple and practical. No need elastic string.

- The box can be displayed before and after the performance.

Comes with a Mysterious Gift Box and instructional video. Please supply your own small items.