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Good quality Fire wallet.


Imagine opening your wallet to retrieve a bill, note or card, just then, a large amount of flames burst from your wallet. You instantly close the wallet to extinguish the flame and when you reopen it there is nothing to see but an average looking wallet.

Murphy's Magic is proud to present the Professional's Fire Wallet! The Professional's is a high quality, 100% genuine Leather Fire Wallet that is built to last. These wallets are hand made by highly skilled leather craftsmen who produce some of the world's best wallets and leather goods. The best part is, you can use the Professional's FW as your everyday wallet.

  • Fine Artisan Leather

  • Adjustable/replaceable flint

  • Large fire gimmick

  • Framed fire tray

  • Magnetic lock

  • Use as everyday wallet

  • Online instructions


NOTE: This is not the same quality as our Viking Fire Wallet, but we are unable to produce ours at the moment so we have opted to supply this as a decent alternative.