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Cups and Balls Booklet-Loomis

Cups and Balls Booklet-Loomis

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Cups & Balls Booklet-Loomis, Loomis, cups and balls booklet, cups and balls, cups & balls

32 excellent photographs and 9 diagrams show every detail! A classical routine with traditional props and effects, but with exceptionally clean handling and extreme economy of motion.

Table hoppers - this routine resets during performance! The Three Ball Assembly phase is the cleanest ever devised for the Cups and Balls. The audience sees three tabled balls covered one at a time by three cups, but a moment later, all three balls are under the center cup. It looks like real magic to laymen, and has fooled many knowledgeable magicians.

Smash Color Change is visually startling, and provides perfect misdirection for one of the final loads. This routine is designed to be done seated, working from a set of saddle bags ala Don Alan. The Dennis Loomis saddle bags are described with 3 photographs to enable you to make your own.

Paperback, 20 pages on Handsome Stock, with full color cover.

What People Are Saying:

  • "Denny, you have the best cups routine in magic. You have gotten rid of the awful false placements, the wand, sliding balls under cups, etc...You are light years ahead of what everybody else is doing. I thought so when I saw you do it 30 years ago: still think so today. My four favorite cups routines are yours, the Johnny Paul, Tommy Wonder, and Fred Kaps. But you win. Your angles are better, and you cover the balls with the cups. (Gee what a brilliant concept) Your routine should replace Vernon 's as the standard!" - Bill Nagler M.D., March 2005
  • "The Dennis Loomis Cups and Balls Routine is a wonderful lesson in the cups and Balls. Because of its, simplicity, directness, and good teaching, I highly recommend this book." - Doug Atkinson on the Magic Talk Web Site.
  • "I first saw this routine about 30 years ago. I still haven't seen a better one." - Hank Moorehouse, April 2005
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