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Viking Magic

Clairvoyance-Supreme Magic

Clairvoyance-Supreme Magic

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A unique mentalism divination effect.

This is the Supreme release 1970’s, they had the manufacturing rights after Hans Geissler “Werry” who first distributed this 1968 creation of Dr. Fleischer. This effect is simple, and so is the method, the method was made possible by new manufacturing materials coming available at the time. Today this is still a fooler!

You have six small pill boxes and an opaque cloth bag. The spectator mixes the boxes in the bag, and then picks any one. (It really doesn’t matter which one she picks, because the boxes are all identical). She puts her ring or other small item in the box, and puts it back in the bag, then mixes them again. All this occurs with the magician’s back turned. Now the magician turns back to her, and immediately reaches into the bag removing the proper box.

The item does not have to be heavy or solid — no weighing or shaking the boxes. Just a quick glimpse at the boxes in the bag, and the performer reaches in and take out the correct one. The clue is visual (but the boxes are exactly the same), you know without touching anything.

From the Viking Magic Vault.

Maker: Supreme Magic

Condition: new

Ca.: 1970

Larger version also available-Made in Germany. One only.

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