Billiard Balls Set Deluxe

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Billiard Ball Set Deluxe, Billiard Ball, Billiard Ball Set


The Collectors' Workshop Deluxe wooden Billiard Ball set is truly the finest set currently on the market.

Quote from Alan Zagorsky of Owen Magic: "Floyd Thayer would be proud of your work".

Balls are turned from select wood chosen for its light weight and resistance to cracking. Each ball is 1 3/4" in diameter. Painted in our proprietary red with gold flakes rayon finish. This finish will last a lifetime and will become more 'user friendly' the more you use these balls.

The set consists of three solid red balls, a white ball for a color change, a hollow ball for the Silk to Ball effect and a precision made thin wooden shell.

The complete set comes packed in a custom walnut case.

Not since early Thayer has such an exquisite Billiard Ball set been offered.

Due to the manner of painting, etc. the 1 3/4" balls give the illusion of larger balls but make it easier to perform and handle than the 2" or larger balls.

If you are looking for a Billiard Ball set to be proud of, a set that will allow you to show off your skill, then look no further. Made by Collectors' Workshop to unmatched standards.

NOTE photo of George Robinson hand polishing each ball on a polishing wheel. Great attention to detail.