Automatic 31-Zimmerman

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Automatic 31......... A dice prediction effect, original with Zimmerman.


Auto 31......... A dice prediction effect, original with Zimmerman.

You are probably familiar with the game of Blackjack in which players try to make a total of no more than 21. Years ago someone thought of playing it with a die and with a winning total of 31. The play was simple: Player A rolled the die for a starting number. Player B then rotated the die one quarter turn to any adjacent side and added that number to the original number. The players took turns rotating the die and adding to the total until one of them reached 31 or forced his opponent to exceed 31. It seemed completely fair with each player having an equal chance. WRONG!... If one player knew and could remember a complex winning system, he would always win! The few that mastered this system used it with devastating results.

Well, Dick Zimmerman has rethought the process and made it a simple task. Imagine completing against knowledgeable magicians, scientists, mathematicians, etc. and being able to control the outcome so that you always win without tedious memorization, etc.

BE A WINNER IN FIVE MINUTES! The secret is the innocent looking memo pad used to record the totals. Everything can be examined.

Sounds impossible, but you can do this long range, even over the telephone and still win. This is a reputation maker. Comes complete ready to use with detailed instructions. You can learn and perform this in a few minutes time.