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Fortuneteller's Book of Days

Fortuneteller's Book of Days

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Long out of print. A great divination book effect.

Based on Alex Elmsley's Fate's Datebook, the Fortuneteller's Book of Days was designed by Paul Green to be performed by any magician, with no sleight of hand! It is truly easy to learn, yet will astound your audience and leave them thinking you really do have mystical powers.

Display the Fortuneteller's Book of Days containing 366 short paragraphs, one written for each day of the year. Each paragraph profiles the individual born on that day. In addition there is a different playing card for each day.

A spectator is allowed to choose a card, which is not revealed. The spectator reads the profile that appears on his or her birthdate. Amazingly, it seems to match the individual quite closely. Finally, the spectator announces his Lucky Card. And, when the selection is revealed, it matches exactly!!

The Fortuneteller's Book of Days is a 4-1/4" x 6.5" hardbound book, with a stunning gold foil embossed cover. A fabulous trick for an astoundingly low price.

Maker: L and L Publishing

Condition: Mint, never opened.


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